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Please click temporary on the '' URL only

Temporary break of our „Cyberchess" column
A few usefull information.

We acknowledge our readers and chess fans that until further notice the URL of „Http://Cyberchess."will not publish new chess articles. Therefor we are asking you to be so kind of clicking on the basic chess publication’s column of Http:// which is under the Hungarian title of „Sakkvilág".
However: the archive of earlier chess articles is identical in Cyberchess with Cyberpress until Nov 25 of 2000, reflecting the last simultaneously published article about the „Mate in 2" problem, composed by the Pope John Paul the II., while he studied on the University of Krakow. (By a way: the solution of this splendid chess problem is 1. Qa7!...)
Even more important: the temporary not under development held „Cyberchess" URL has three crucial links about the point of view of chess information, and that’s why I recommend to visit this site more frequently.
The first link leads directly to the most informative chess sources of the World, to the „The week in chess" web site, made in England, keeping the news, new crop of games, curiosities, pictures, up to date, and giving so an abundant stock of knowledge for everyone. During the last few months I downloaded about 40.000 (!!) brand new games in ZIP form, you can do it also, the download of 1800-2000 games takes about 5 minutes!
The second URL is the official WEB site of the Hungarian Chess Federation, it contains also numberless „sublinks" to various Hungarian chess forums, clubs and playing sites.
The third link is „Mr. First Saturday"’-s / alias Laszlo Nagy/ prominent chess organizer’s WEB page, he became a world wide well known, respected and frequented joker of the chess scene, with his inexhaustible energy, ideas, making Budapest for a real rendezvous spot for the Hungarian and International chess, by tournaments, starting every month’s first Saturdays.
You’ll gain strength, rating, practice, if you had chance to participate on his monthly repeated tourneys at the Hungarian Chess Federation’s clubhouse in the Falks Miksa u. Budapest.
So, through these valuable information you’ll be in the main stream of the Hungarian but also of the International chess.
Here I must mention again, that a new, super quality of book appeared for a ridiculously inexpensive prize on the Hungarian chess book market, with the title: „HONFI NAGYMESTER"(nagymester= grandmaster in Hungarian). I’m very well familiar with the chess book market, world wide, and I must say, that such a useful, professionally selected and prepared book is very rare on the shelves and if, the prize is somewhere in the range of 20-25 Dollars. The Honfi book, - among many other merits - is also an unsurpassable treasure of teaching material and costs less than 7 Dollars, (1980 Frt), published as a very short first series. Virtually for the late grandmaster friends, fans, and pupils and for some really eager chess buffs, who are craving for extravagant beauty and fight on the chess board, without compromise. If you’re quick, you might be able to order a copy of the book of the 250 pages, at the son of the late GM. Address: Honfi György, 8921 Zalaszentiván, Zrinyi Miklós u. 7, email:, phone: 36-0692-317 575.

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2001. február 05., hétfő 02:40

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